AF3 Pension planning - tutor marked paper

Our online system allows you to complete a mock exam paper online which is then marked by one of our experienced tutors. The paper has been designed by our training team to be similar to an actual exam paper. This paper gives you exam practice together with getting feedback from an experienced tutor.

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af3 exam

We aim to mark all tutor marked papers within 10 working days. However we do request that you try to complete the tutor marked paper at LEAST 2 weeks before the exam to provide you with time to review your paper and to ease the workload on our assessors.

  • If you want some tips from a qualified industry professional, the tutor marked paper can provide useful feedback on both technique and technical know how prior to the exam;
  • Our paper is checked and assessed by individuals with relevant industry qualifications;
  • The tutor marked paper system is really easy to use and provides you with model solutions to identify your strengths and areas for development both in terms of exam technique and technical knowledge. You also benefit from individual feedback as well.

This is an ideal companion to our AF3 study package.

Your structured CPD requirements can be provided by our CPD system.

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Many of those purchasing our advanced diploma training modules also subscribe to our CPD system This is an ideal way for financial advisers to maintain their knowledge and also access to current reference material.

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