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Viewing your training modules
All training material is provided online. To access your training, use the login link and then enter the username and password you created when registering with us. Then, you need to click on the My Training link to view the links to your training.

If you have several training modules, you can bring the access links to each module into view by clicking on the links in the right hand “My Training Links” column. The links will then appear in the centre of the My Training page.

Login page links
Every time you visit the login page, you will see links for costs and contents, demonstrations and for recovering your password. Also featured on this page are our most popular training modules.

When you have logged in, you will immediately see access links on the right hand side that will take you to:

  • My Training: This is where you access your training modules
  • Buy Accounts: This is where you can view all the training modules that are available to purchase from Wizard Learning – and our product range is constantly being updated and expanded
  • Recommend Us: Use this to recommend our products and services to friends and colleagues - existing advisers or brand new to the industry, we can help them to broaden their knowledge and help them to achieve their financial services career goals

Other important links

  • My Account: This is where you can update your personal details, change your password, check the expiry date of your training modules, and subscribe or unsubscribe to our mailing list (there is also an unsubscribe link at the foot of every news mailing). And, if you are not already a subscriber to our accredited CPD system, it is here that you can also take advantage of our free CPD system trial. – give us a try; you’ve nothing to lose!
  • CPD Certificate: This shows all the training that you have undertaken as part of your CPD and exam study activities. A record is maintained of every assessment you take, along with your result and the estimated CPD time, and this is all added to your CPD certificate. You can filter your CPD details and export your certificate using the sections at the top of the page. You can also use our system to record and create reports for all your external/non Wizard Learning CPD.
  • News: Covering news items such as site developments, new training modules and CPD information
  • Terms: Our terms state that only the registered user must use the username and passwords under which the items were purchased.

If you need any further help
The help pages contain the most frequently questions about using our website site but if the help you need is not covered then you can use the contact us link. We understand the needs of our customers - as advisers and as students – and are mindful of the fact that time is usually your most precious commodity. We aim to deal with all training purchases and enquiries online as promptly and efficiently as we can and we welcome feedback from our customers.

We hope you will be satisfied with your purchases and find them beneficial as you progress in your career.

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