Structured products online course

An independent adviser must consider all types of ‘package retail investment product’ before making a recommendation rather than simple ‘products from the whole market’. The definition of ‘packaged retail investment products’ includes investments such as Exchange-Traded Funds, Structured Products and Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS).

In order for an adviser and firm to meet the criteria to remain independent then, love them or loath them, structured products must be fully understood, the adviser must consider whether such products represent a suitable solution to their clients’ needs.

Many clients like structured products - those which guarantee the return of capital are worthy of consideration subject, of course, to the financial security of the counterparty. The risks associated with such products are many and varied, with some carrying very high risks, including loss of capital. Others could be described as fairly secure investments. A full understanding of risk levels is, therefore critical, as is a methodology for assessing those risks as accurately as possible.


The regulator has also outlined the standard expected for CPD required for the issue of an adviser’s annual Statement of Professional Standing. This online course meets that requirement in terms of level and relevance for advisers. You will be credited with 4 hours of CPD with the time added to your CPD certificate when you complete the final assessment.


By the end of this course you will: 

  • Understand the background and development of the market for structured investment products
  • Describe the underlying investment components of structured products
  • Explain the main structured product variations
  • Describe the risks of structured products to investors
  • Understand the key regulatory concerns surrounding structured products
  • Be able to identify situations where structured products are suitable for clients
  • Be able to carry out suitable recommendations of structured products

  1. Overview of structured products
  2. What’s in a structured product?
  3. Main structured product variations
  4. Risks associated with structured products
  5. Regulatory concerns with structured products
  6. Uses of structured investment products
  7. Glossary
  8. End of course assessments

Course material
  • 6 chapters of study notes
  • 15 minute audiovisual presentation providing an overview of chapters 2 and 3
  • 20 question multiple-choice revision test
  • 2 final multiple choice assessments of 15 questions. Your result and feedback will also be emailed to you
Purchasing and cost

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