Online training course that will teach you how to improve your reading skills.

Two final 15 question multiple choice assessments. Your results will be emailed to you together with a list of the questions you answered incorrectly along with the correct answers. Your results and study time will be recorded on your printable CPD certificate/learning log.

Who will benefit
Suitable for those engaged in study, even if you have undertaken significant study in the past, would like to refresh your skills and perhaps, discover some new ideas.

It is suitable for those undertaking professional or academic studies, as well as those whose study and learning is non-qualification/ certification based.

Finally, it will benefit those not involved in study but who wish to take control of and improve their reading performance.

When you reach the end of this course you will be able to:

  • List and describe several different types of reading style and be able to apply the principles of each
  • Select from different types of reading to suit your circumstances and the material
  • Discuss methods of improving retention and comprehension from reading for either work or study purposes
  • Identify environmental factors that can improve reading performance

1. Introduction and Overview
2. What is “Reading”?
3. Types of Reading – Part 1
4. Types of Reading – Part 2
5. Speed Reading – Part 1
6. Speed Reading – Part 2
7. Managing Your Environment
8. SQ3R
9. Reading Electronic Materials
10. Summary
11. End of Course Assessments