R01 Gap Analysis and Assessment Tool: Information

The key features are:

Assessment details
You can chose from these 6 assessment types:

  • 25, 50 or 100 questions delivered in revision style
  • 25, 50 or 100 questions delivered in exam style

Revision style allows you to view the answer after every question. With the exam style you complete all the questions in the same manner as you do in the actual exam.

Both styles include all these features:

  • Total marks scored and percentage
  • Marks and percentage scored for each learning outcome
  • Questions you answered incorrectly along with the correct answer are detailed against each learning outcome
  • Ability to print the results report detailing the above information
  • Your average marks are benchmarked against others using this training module
  • Your statistics and study time are included on your personalised learning log/CPD certificate - you can view and print this at any time.

Questions per assessment: Each assessment includes the correct weightings and mix of question style (standard and multiple response) per learning outcome that you will receive in the actual exam. We have designed the system so that if you select a 100 question assessment in exam style this will be similar to the real computer based exam. The 50 question assessment is 50% of a full exam and the 25 question assessment is 25%.

Questions: There are over 300 questions in the database with 13% being in multiple response style (more that one answer option is correct) to match the exam assessment format. Our system records the questions you have viewed so that they are not repeated until you have worked your way through the full question bank. An ongoing tracking of the questions delivered ensures that a different mix of questions is included in each assessment and that the questions do not repeat quickly. Questions are written and reviewed by subject knowledge experts with many years of experience in training and exam setting.

Flexible navigation: Allowing you to skip and tag questions to revisit and review before completing the assessment.

References to learning material: In the revision style a reference is provided after every question, detailing the chapter and section location in our Online Multimedia Course (which can be purchased separately) where the question is covered.

Timer: A clock shows the expected and elapsed time for each assessment. You can however take as long as you need to complete each assessment.

Recovery feature: If you leave an assessment part way through the system will return you to the same point when you next return.